b662af16 af02 4a52 83b9 8958106f1259We have performed new updates of our consulting project, Consultation Service online portal, in order to make it a simple and easy experience for our users in the need of comprehensive and timely advice on the management of bone, joint, implant and other complex infections.


7e23a6e9 733e 4f2c b7df e1858c92d2c3New updates include simplified user experience and more intuitive entry of data and questions, all being presented on one single page. Moreover, we have included the autosave option so your data is always saved and there is no need to re-enter them in cases of interruption.

The online portal leads the user easily through important questions, allows data entry and upload of supplementary files. The interdisciplinary advisory team provides written advice within 24 hours (currently in English and German language).

In emergency situations you may call the hotline +49 170 246 246 6 on weekdays from 8 am to 6 pm. In next months, we are planning to  implement new features, also covering the visual presentations and reneved entry forms for some of the important findings sections.

The Consultation Service is currenly free of charge for registered users of PRO-IMPLANT Foundation website (if not yet, you may register here). This complimentary service is made possible through donations and voluntary work of our advisors to fulfill the non-profit Foundation's mission.

If you have a complex case, share it with us today. We are honored to discuss various treatment options with you and the professional community to find the best surgical and antimicrobial solution for our patients.




Consultation Service

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Online consultation service for bone, joint and implant-associated infections.





Prosthetic Joint Infection

  •  April 9-10, 2018
  •  June 25-26, 2018
  •  September 27-28, 2018
  •  December 13-14, 2018


Infections after Fracture Fixation

  •  May 25, 2018
  •  October 1, 2018


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