WS MAR 2017 public 10The Workshop on Prosthetic Joint Infection (PJI) in March 2017 in Berlin was again a great success!

Take a look at interesting and valuable feedbacks from participants:



If you would recommend this training to your colleagues, then why?

David Eglin"This course gives a very good overview of state of the art for PJI treatment."

David Eglin, AO Foundation, Switzerland

Johan Frans"Good synthesis + standardization, good contacts."

Johan Frans, Imelda Hospital, Belgium
Harriet Hughes

"Excellent overview, clinically relevant, friendly discussions, excellent speakers, good mix of clinical vs. science."

Harriet Hughes, University Hospital of Wales, United Kingdom
Sarah Mackie

"Very informative, especially if you don’t already have an advanced understanding of PJI."

Sarah Mackie, University Hospital of Wales, United Kingdom
Piera Di Martino

"High level, very interdisciplinary."

Piera Di Martino, University of Camerino, Italy
Wim Laffut

"It is relevant for daily practice."

Wim Laffut, H. Hartziekenhuis, Belgium
Vera Forsbach-Birk

"Very interesting workshop, many insights, good discussions."

Vera Forsbach-Birk, MVZ Ravensburg, Labor Dr. Gärtner, Germany
Sergey Shpiniak

"During the training I received a lot of up-to-date data on the topic."

Sergey Shpiniak, Saratov State Medical University, Russian Federation

"2-day course covers all important topics, including news related to PJI."


"Good mix – ID + surgery + science."


"This workshop is probably more for microbiologists than orthopaedic surgeons."


"The interdisciplinary nature of the workshop provides always latest knowledge. The chance to discuss topics of interest with different professions and enhance your own channels. Great location and organization."


"Great atmosphere, many specialists from different fields. Rooms and catering perfect."


Please note any additional comments (not covered topics of interest, improvements)

Patricia Vandecandelaere

"Please add topics on osteomyelitis, arthritis. More focus on case discussions, give more time for evidence of therapy + algorithmic approach."

Patricia Vandecandelaere, Jan Yperman Ziekenhuis, Belgium
Harriet Hughes

"Many thanks for answering all my questions! In order to implement change, I need to fully understand the background. Thank you."

Harriet Hughes, University Hospital of Wales, United Kingdom
Kamilla Lettinga

"Infection which cannot be operated or treatment of unknown pathogen."

Kamilla Lettinga, OLVG, Netherlands
Sergey Shpiniak

"I would like to see more information about surgical equipment and technique of PJI treatment."

Sergey Shpiniak, Saratov State Medical University, Russian Federation
Li Cheng

"I joined the Workshop last year. It is my honor to be here again and learn much useful things."

Li Cheng, Charité-University Medicine Berlin, Germany

"Very interesting topics, also the new and diagnosis and treatment tools, however would be helpful more clinically related discussions. In addition topics like spinal infections, septic arthritis and PAP in different ortho/trauma settings could be discussed."


"Workshops were not so interesting."


"Already the second time I participate to this workshop. Highly recommendable, new presentations and speakers, new and up-to-date content. I will join again!"


"You managed to create a great and productive environment due to which it is a true pleasure to be a part of this workshop."


"More practical examples of how to treat (exercises on pocket guidelines)."


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