jesenko lukaLuka Jesenko, a 5th year medical student from Ljubljana, Slovenia was spending one month on Septic Surgery ward at Charité-University Medicine Berlin.


"The decision to spend the month of September 2016 as an ESCMID observer at Center for Septic Surgery at Charité - University Medicine Berlin was definetly one of the best ones I have made so far.

As a 6th year medical student with great interest in the general field of infectious diseases, I cannot imagine a better opportunity for gaining insight into how a good multidisciplinary team can and should work. In my 4 weeks long stay, I was able to observe and participate in the management of complex cases of both prosthetic joint and other difficult-to-treat infections. Learning about the logic behind all the different diagnostic possibilities, proper antibiotic selection and treatment algorithms was a wonderful experience.

I also had the opportunity to visit the microbiology laboratory and participate in a meeting discussing all of the ongoing research projects, as well as some past ones. Having been able to see the path that starts with an idea and ends up helping patients all around the world was great. Tackling the problem of emerging antibiotic resistance with developing new ways of eradicating multi-resistant bacteria surely is one of the biggest tasks at hand for modern medicine, but having seen the work done by the team, the future certainly looks brighter.

The whole experience was made even better by the whole team working at the department, and at this point, I would really like to thank everyone who helped me during my stay, especially dr. Susanne Feihl and dr. med. Susanne Georgi, who made me feel welcome and took time to include me in their work. As for PD Dr. Med. Andrej Trampuž, I can´t thank him enough for providing me with the opportunity, as well as being a great mentor, who really took care that I've got the most out of this observership. His work truly is an inspiration, and working with such an expert certainly is an experience which I would recommend to anyone with at least a little bit of interest in the field, be it student, resident or a specialist doctor."

Luka Jesenko, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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