Osep Anka CVKAnka Ošep, a medical student from Medical Faculty of University Ljubljana, Slovenia, performed clinical rotation at the Center for Septic Surgery at Charité in Berlin.


 "In March and April 2016 I was given an opportunity to perform a 4-week clinical observership at the Department for Septic Surgery, Charite Virchow Klinikum in Berlin.

The clinical rotation was a part of my Erasmus+ practice program, which means I had to contact prof. Trampuž directly and arrange the rotation. Luckily Dr. Trampuž was very positive towards this kind of collaboration for which I am very thankful.

My day at the ward usually started with taking blood samples from the patients at the department. Then I took part at the morning operation planning, assisted in different operations of infected joints with implants, visited morning and afternoon rounds with surgeons and infectious disease specialists, managed postoperative wounds, removed stiches/staples, examined the patients, planned an antibiotic treatment for patients, and performed other bedside procedures. I also spent some time at the emergency unit.

The observership at this Department was especially interesting for me because doctors’ work here is organized in a different way as a classical ˝one kind of specialists˝ unit. I have never seen at the same ward orthopedic surgeons and infectious disease specialist or internal medicine specialists working together as successfully as this is the case at this Department. Patients with prosthetic joint infections are very complex. Therefore they need interdisciplinary, yet individually planned approach to the treatment which can lead to results and provide them with a higher and better standard of living.

During my stay at the Department I could also attend the Prosthetic Joint Infection workshop which gave me a lot of theoretical knowledge about prosthetic joint infections - from different clinical presentations to new diagnostic approaches and about most common or multi - resistant germs, surgical treatments and target antibiotic treatments. It was also fascinating to engage in a debate of many different doctors and scientists from all over the world and hear so many different ideas and solutions of medical problems.

Last but not least I would really like to thank the team working at the Department for Septical Surgery as each and every one tried their best to make me feel like a part of the team at the Department, to put a lot of effort into teaching and motivating me for gaining new surgical skills and learning new interesting medical topics. I am convinced that this practice has been of a great benefit to my future career as a doctor and also gave me a lot of experience working in a team and consequently helped me to develop into a better person. That is why I would most kindly recommend this observership to any medical student, resident or doctor who would like to gain the most out of his practice."

Anka Ošep, University of Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia.

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